Bug/Feature Request: :focus-visible CSS pseudo-class not working

Tested On:

Photoshop Version: 24.0.0
UXP Version: 6.3.3


I have created a list control that supports keyboard and mouse input for navigating and selecting items in a list.


Currently, I can use the :focus pseudo-class to show a blue focus ring when the control has received focus, regardless of input method.

However, I would like to show a focus ring ONLY when the list has received keyboard focus (via tabbing to the control, for example) and not by mouse input (via clicking on the control or an item in the list).

There is a CSS pseudo-class for this purpose called :focus-visible.

The MDN documentation states:

This selector is useful to provide a different focus indicator based on the user’s input modality (mouse vs. keyboard).

Support for this class would be appreciated.

I’ll grab the opportunity here and add a reminder to whomever from Adobe who reads this, that :disabled selector is also not supported. Would be great to have it