Do XD files have a unique identifier?

Use Case
My plugin is used to share artboards in a collaborative whiteboard (similar to invision freehand). I’d like to allow two designers who have made copies of the same XD file (or maybe sharing different revisions in a cloud drive) click my plugin and all of their changes would be shared in the same whiteboard. I’m wondering if XD creates a unique identifier when a new project / design is created that can be read by a plugin. The ID would need to be the same regardless of whether someone has a different revision.

Alternatively the other approaches I’ve considered:

  • Adding metadata to artboards
  • Having a dialog appear when you click share to ask the user where they want it to go (not ideal since you could be a guest / non-authenticated user).


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Hi @jonfontanez,

See this: Document ID

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Is a Document ID globally unique?

Except for the fact that copying a file locally means the copy has the same document ID, in theory all document IDs should be globally unique.

In practice, the chance of a plugin seeing the same document ID for two different documents has to be zero.

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