Hi. I'm Pablo. Who I am in a few words

Hi. My name’s Pablo Klaschka and I’m a developer from Würzburg, Germany. I’m currently studying space- and aerospace computer science at university and work in the field of web- and app development for a local business (where I got some experience with production usage of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.).

I’m the creator of the typescript definitions for developing Adobe XD plugins as well as a Lorem Ipsum plugin.

When I’m not currently developing plugins, websites or apps, I play a few musical instruments and read a lot. Also, I sometimes like solving a few math equations (yes: I’m a nerd :nerd_face: – and happy about it :wink:)


You can find my plugins on https://xdplugins.pabloklaschka.de/


Really nice landing page, Pablo!!! (And great plugins, too!)

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Awesome webpage! Thanks for being an active member of the community

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FYI (and, since I want it written somewhere I can link to in other, relevant places):

I’m currently having a rather annoying ear infection. Just wanted to let you know that “I’m still here” although, in the next few days (hopefully, not weeks), I won’t be able to

  • actively support my Open-Source stuff around the XD ecosystem
  • answer questions here
  • release updates for or answer low-priority support requests regarding my plugins
  • produce new live-streams or YouTube videos regarding plugin development for Adobe XD (as I’m unable to wear headphones, for now, it might take a bit longer for me to be able to continue my live stream open-source plugin development project)

Hopefully, I’ll be back to full strength for the Partner Day later this month :slightly_smiling_face:.

Sorry if this causes any inconveniences (especially as it delays the new, updated release of the Typescript Definitions),
Happy coding :nerd_face:,

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Godspeed in your healing process!

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