Horizontal menubar for Windows 10 XD app

Hello, I use XD on Windows 10. The app itself is fabulous and runs exceptionally well. There is only one catch, the hamburger menu is what bugs me.

Windows have some crazy affection towards the touch enabled displays and thus makes menus bigger on each screen (touchscreen or not). Which makes accessing the menus very cumbersome as I am on a 1366x768 sized screen and that’s not a touchscreen device. It is specially bad for accessing Plugin menus where I have to scroll a lot. This really itches my mind and diverts attention.

I am damn sure that there are many out there in the wild who are having the same issue.

It would be useful to have an option to choose between the current implementation or the menu-bar as VS Code implements.

I also tweeted the same to @AdobeXD:

Completely agree with your points. Even though I’m working on a 1080p screen I still find the menu navigation to be a bit tedious at the moment, and slowing down my workflow (even by very little). I’m not a fan of burger menus in full-flagged software for this sole reason, aside of tablet apps. It’s just one or two more steps everytime you want to do something, with no need. VSC’s menu is a great example to follow.

Great suggestion! :hugs:


Found one rebel. :angry: How to protest this? :x: Should we form rebellion? :laughing:

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Thanks for reaching out about this @bantya.

Your feedback is for the product itself, and so is better to be left on XD’s UserVoice:

In fact, you can find a related thread to vote on here: