I Started developing Material Theme Editor guys Stay tuned for Updates

Give me a Like if you want to get this as soon as possible guys…
stay tuned for updates.
May be it will be the premium version… and i was also try to make subscription as low as possible… so that more no of people can use it.

I was also using smart shortcuts feature(made by me) in this plugin so it uses very limited no of shortcuts

Also this plugin features an intuitive non ui blocking feature
How i achieved this is first when there is a plugin with ui i gives a dialog that blocks the ui
What i was doing here is I draw an artboard with some settings user selects some of those and press a shortcut then the short loads what is selected based on context what is changed when compared to last time this way we can achieve non blocking ui with this concept

after this you can understand how smart shortcuts are used if not don’t hesitate to ask me

Try this concept if you like it and want to use for non ui blocking feature

How it handles the changes is simply load the id of scenegraphs of each element

first you have to select an option in your ui and click a shortcut the short saves the changes to memory or storage then after settings are changed click outside of artboard and click a shortcut which takes documentRoot as parameter once documentRoot is your parameter it has editcontext of all elements in document so shortcut loads the changes.

This is some bulkier than normal but it provides a clean non blocking ui plugin feature

once this feature is completed the work reduces the bulkiness

How is this concept guys do you like it or any suggestions ?

Is this plugin completed? How can i get this and use this?

My Machine is Completely Broken so unable to do development in few days i will get ultra high end system from then i will make some more plugins but some features of this plugin are divided into separate plugins
Font Preview(Used to Preview Fonts in Your System)
Material Color Pallets(Material Colors for XD Components)
These may not as your need but i will improve them in future
Happy teXDing…

Thank you very much for your reply, but if we can get the material theme editor for xd it will be greate for all designers. Hope you can understand. I am working on Matetial Design v3. If you want to help me it will be better for me also.

Is there any repo to inspect your work if i like it i can help you, may be i can merge my work into it, if it is possible to do so since it is difficult to maintain since i was working on 10 others native android and desktop projects