Is there an official name of the artboards area?

Is there an official name for the design area, the pane where all the artboards are? I’m writing documentation and need to refer to it.

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I’ve not heard of one, to be honest.

Personally, I always refer to it as workspace (or similar terms), but I haven’t ever read or heard any specific term used for it. Other terms I’ve seen people use (besides workspace, which not only I use :wink:) are “content area” or simply “project area”.

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PS: That’s just what I know – I in no way claim that that’s the correct terminology (as I don’t know of any) :wink:

It should be ‘Pasteboard’.

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@PaoloBiagini Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought Pasteboard is the “helper” artboard for all the content that doesn’t belong to any artboard (and therefore is kind of at the same level of an artboard). I don’t say you’re wrong, but just asking :wink:

Edit: I’m primarily taking the docs for reference here:

All Artboards are children of this node, as well as any pasteboard content that does not lie within an Artboard.


This – to me – sounds like artboards are not “pasteboard content”, meaning pasteboard would really only refer to “unassigned” elements (not belonging to any “real” artboard), since otherwise, artboards wouldn’t have to be explicitly mentioned (since they’d then be “pasteboard content” anyway)…


@pklaschka you’re right, Artboards’ parent is RootNode.