Query regarding Trello board

what is the staus of the board

I understand that

Indevelopment contains they are in development

future contains planed to develop in future

what is comming soon board contain @kerrishotts
does these features are completed and planned to release in next version ?

Trello Board here

Since stuff that’s been “in development” is moved to “coming soon” (check out the activity log when clicking on “show menu”), I guess it’s more or less what’s going into next release, but without any hard promises.

Here’s a rough guide:

  • Features marked in development are currently being worked on. There’s no guarantee these will land in the next version of XD, especially if this is a big feature, but, given an ideal world, the next XD version is a good target.

  • Features marked Coming Soon are those that we intend on releasing within a short period of time. Short is, of course, relatve—ideally, though these would be features that could be delivered in 1 to 3 XD releases. Again, no promises of course, especially for large features.

  • Future features are things we want to build out, but there’s been no planning for yet. As such, we don’t know when they will be added to XD.

When we know an anticipated release, we’ll add a release tag, like XD 14 to the feature, which gives more granular insight into a feature. Of course this isn’t a promise—features can and will slip, but hopefully that will help a bit with planning.

Maybe move the “Future” column to the left of “In development”? Then it’s easier to see the logic of it.

Yes i had the same thought