Question about calling clipboard API

Photoshop Version 22.5.1
UXP Version 5.2.0

I want to use Clipboard API and trigger manifest version error
so I switch “manifestVersion” from 4 to 5, but the Uncaught Error still exist
change like:
“manifestVersion”: 4, → “manifestVersion”: 5,

I have restart My PS & UXP, and remove&reload the plugin, quiet sure the ‘5’ version is taking effect

I am fresh in developping uxp plugin, forgive me, and how can I debug this question?

I found the solution in alchemist/manifest.json at master · jardicc/alchemist · GitHub

  1. need to upgrade manifest.manifestVersion to 5
  2. add requiredPermissions.clipboard config (pretty like chrome extension)

then it works!

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