Run ScriptUI From UXP Panel

I have various ScriptUI jsx files which are accessed from Photoshop File => Scripts menu.

Is it possible to launch these Scripts from a UXP Panel using API version 2 with PS 2022 or has that facility now been removed ?

Just because I was curious, I just tested and it works for me in Photoshop 23.0.0 with API 2 using the method the Davide Barranca posted about.

However, you don’t have to read too far between the lines to understand that this is something that really shouldn’t be done, especially for long term use or if it is something that you distribute.

Im curios, @ddbell , was this a ScriptUi you tested. I did test it with the method in the link you supplied but it never ran.

Yes, the script I tested has a script UI window. Everythig worked fine. However, the script runs much slower when running from a UXP batchPlay. In the timed tests I ran, it runs about 1/2 the speed that it does when running natively without UXP.

I have 9/10 of my programs converted to UXP. I was testing to see if I could make a hybrid with a UXP UI that ran the JSX script (which also has it’s own script UI) to use for short term until I can convert the last one to all native UXP… I am waiting on some UXP API updates. However, the slowdown in speed was too much so I am just staying with the all JSX version for this program while I’m waiting on the UXP updates I need to convert this one over.

Thanks, with the speed drop and the fact that the option to run them may get dropped, I think its a safer option just to ask the user to run the script from the File => Scripts PS menu

FYI, for my testing, I was putting the script file in the UXP plugin folder.