Save the active psd document in TIFF format in the parent folder of the active document

Yes, I want to save it in “pippo”, I don’t receive errors, but the promise state is “fulfilled” and the promise result is “undefined”

ok got it!

  1. use executeAsModal
  2. remove "modalBehavior": "fail"
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it’s a good practice to wrap your code in a try/catch to see errors.

I have received the error: “ncaught ReferenceError: batchPlay is not defined
at :17:16”

const batchPlay = require("photoshop").action.batchPlay;

also see this

I use execute as modal in my example above.

const core = require('photoshop').core;
const executeAsModal = core.executeAsModal;
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O, for sure :slight_smile: :rofl:

Ok, now it run correctly, thank you vry much :slight_smile:

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i dont know why, but now stopped working and generate the error:
saveFile is not defined.
this is the code:

const app = window.require('photoshop').app

const batchPlay = require('photoshop').action.batchPlay;

const fs = require('uxp').storage.localFileSystem;

//const core = require('photoshop').core;

//const executeAsModal = core.executeAsModal;

token = await JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("fixfolder")); //seleziona il token salvato

const folder = await fs.getEntryForPersistentToken(token); //estrae il percorso della cartella persistente

const subfolder = await folder.createFolder("pippo");  //Crea le cartelle desiderate e le sottocartelle)
const subsubfolder = await subfolder.createFolder("paperino");

//crea il file in modalità modale

require('photoshop').core.executeAsModal(async () => {  

const newFile = await subfolder.createFile("newfile.tif", { overwrite: true });
const saveFile = await fs.createSessionToken(newFile);


const result = await batchPlay(
      "_obj": "save",
        "_obj": "TIFF",
          "_enum": "platform",
          "_value": "IBMPC"
          "_enum": "encoding",
          "_value": "RLE"
      "in": {
        "_path": saveFile,
        "_kind": "local"
  ], {

  "synchronousExecution": false,
  //"modalBehavior": "fail"

i think that i changed nothing, but noiw say me that error

You moved batchPlay outside of exeModal. It should be inside

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It works now, but it was also out before!

Thank you