Sharing color development settings among linked raw files

A frequent use case of mine is placing linked raw files in a composite. For some project files I want the to use the same raw color development settings, for other files I need other settings.

Inspecting the smart object, that is created when placing a linked raw file using Alchemist, I couldn’t find any of the raw color development settings there. Are they saved somewhere in the script at all, or is there some other mechanism at play?

My current approach is, to create as many copies of the raw file as I need raw development color profiles. I then create my profile in one of the project files using the Camera Raw tool (by double-clicking on the layer containing the smart object for the linked raw file). This creates a xmp-file containing the color profile alongside the file copy of my raw file. I then open all the other project files, that are supposed to use the same profile, and reopen Camera Raw, which loads said xmp-file, and just press OK to apply it. I repeat this process for all the other project files and color profiles.

This approach does not seem very elegant. Is there a way to apply different xmp-files containing color profiles in different project files, using a single copy of the underlying raw file? Is there a way to automatically apply changed color profile information, without having to manually reopen Camera Raw?