Yo! My name is Matt

Glad to be here with everyone. I’m a designer with concentrations in UX and motion and while I know some aspects of programming, I am a total noob when it come to plugin dev.

With that being said, I have an idea for a pseudo-video player in XD just for prototyping purposes. It involves encoding frames from adobe encoder and importing said frames back into XD per art board. I was curious if any one else had this solution to the ever popular “when is XD getting video support” question.

I am looking forward to working with anyone on this, so please hit me up!


Hi, welcome to the forums :wave:. I currently don’t have the time to take on another project, but good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @buzquirk!

the ever popular “when is XD getting video support” question

I’m not sure the Plugin APIs will be able to help much with video support, but I’m curious about what you have in mind.

Are you saying you’d like to import a video frame-by-frame, where each frame is an individual artboard in XD?

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Exactly. Since XD can handle photos why not use individual frames from videos?
We would have to be economic in terms of fps (in this case 12fps > 60fps) but having each frame as an art board and auto-animate transitions should display a “video-like” effect in XD.