A problem with Prompt

Hello, everyone.
I’m facing a small problem where in case of rejection it works, but I can’t achieve the positive side of the code .
I want to use this code in the process of verifying the license key of the plugin

const showPrompt = async () => {
    const r = await prompt("Upload Large File", "This is a large file (over 100MB) -- it may take a few moments to upload.", ["Skip", "Upload"]);
    if ((r || "Upload") !== "Upload") { /* cancelled or No */
        alert("🧢Please Restart Photoshope And Enter The Email Address Registered  In Your 🧨MF Productions(UXP)🧨 Account To Active Your License.");
    } else { /* Yes */
        alert("\n🏆Congratulations!!🏆\n MF Productions(UXP)You Deserve🥇\n\nRegards...\n\nMohamed Fathy");

With regards…
Mohamed Fathi…

Almost half a year ago you were trying to solve exact same problem. Some forum members were trying to help you, but you never provided the code, that was asked. Please continue discussion in the old topic. I will lock this one, as it’s a duplicate