A Thread to Request Photoshop Plugins

Hi all!

My name is Nana, and I am a Platform Partnerships associate for Creative Cloud. I’m currently working on growing the ecosystem for Photoshop :wave:

I’m opening up this thread as a place to submit any requests for Photoshop Plugins. This could be anything from

  • Design assets
  • Tools & automation
  • Collaboration/usability tools
  • Publish and handoff plugins

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Welcome to the forums, Nana!

So, many of the developers in this forum started off as creatives, and wrote the plugins they needed to solve problems they had.

I think, to reframe your question for this audience, you might ask “What Photoshop plugins are clients requesting that you haven’t had time to build?”

Or, “What plugin for Photoshop would you like to make that is currently technically impossible?” (As far as you can tell…)

Which of the types of plugins listed above do clients request the most?

Also it may be helpful to know why you’re asking this… is it to find plugin ideas that Adobe can fund and help build?

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Hi Nana,

If you wanted to schedule a meeting then I would love to talk with you. I create plugins full time and it is how I actually make my living. I have been doing this full-time as my “day job” since 2013. I think I may have some insight into some of the things you are asking about. Let me know if you would like to set up a time to talk.

Hi @nana_y,
I design retouching tools for photoshop, my first 3 are launching this month. I’m new to the community here, and looking to connect with more folks on the dev and adobe side. Would love to hear more about what you’re looking for.

Hey @Erin_Finnegan good to see you!

@ddbell where do your plugins live? Thanks!