Add Separator to Flyout

In CEP you could add a separator in the flyout, can you do the same with UXP?

I was searching for that quite a long time, too, and then just stuck to adding a disabled menu item with something similar to “-------------------------” between other items, which isn’t really a great solution.

Then I saw the correct way to do it somewhere:
{label: '-'}
will be detected by uxp and converted to a separator line in the menu.
I really can’t remember where I saw it, I just checked the examples and docs again and couldn’t find it. But as long as it works… :man_shrugging:


Great, thank you :smiley:

Might be in one of our samples…? Or from the prerelease. We didn’t doc it initially because there was a bug where you could only have one of them, but that’s since been fixed. We’re due for a docs update so I’ll look at what needs to be done there to make it more obvious how to do a divider.