Adding Link To Plugin Help Document

Sometimes it’s nice to have a link in the plugin which opens a Help Document for people to read.

I was thinking of just adding a PDF to the root of the Plugin and using

<sp-link> href="help.pdf">Help</sp-link>

but this doesnt appear to work as it return this message.

There is no application set to open the URL plugin:/help.pdf.

Is there a way to do this or is the modern way to link to a Webpage containing the “Help Document”

You have an extra closing bracket in the tag. The link needs to be inside the closing bracket. Adding a link like this works with HTTP/HTTPS. However, when trying to link to a relative document in the plugin folder, it doesn’t work. There may be another way to do that, not sure because I haven’t looked into that.

It should be like this.

<sp-link href="">Link Text</sp-link>

I have tried numrous ways but I just do think this can be done unfortunately.

When using <sp-link>, the expectation is that href will point at a web address. A way to launch local resources is coming in 2021.


Thanks @kerrishotts thats cleared that up nicely :slight_smile: