Adobe on year-end break

Hi everyone,

Just giving you a quick heads-up that Adobe has entered the slower part of the year, where many are starting to take off for the holiday season. This will impact how responsive we can be until everyone is back.

The core holidays for Adobe are December 24 until January 2. The full team will be completely back online the week of January 7.

Some of us will pop in here and there, but in general, we’re encouraging the usual suspects to take time off so that we can all come back ready to help you make amazing things for creatives in 2019.

We appreciate your understanding. Thanks for being here; you’ve made 2018 one to remember.

- Ash


Hi @ashryan,

will submissions have a break too?

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The review team will be online for part of the break. Our hope is that the impact will be minimal, but if an issue surfaces during the process, it may get delayed more than usual.


A deserved one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: