Allow double click as "user initiated event" that is valid for editDocument

I have a use case where the user can double click on an element within the panel plugin. Right now I cannot edit the scenegraph due to editDocument session restrictions.

Could you describe the use case? Just want to understand, in what scenario, double clicking yields better UX than clicking a button

I have created a timeline. The user can select the underlying element by a single click. The user should be able to add something to the timeline with a double click. We have a fully working prototype of this. Real user tests (40+) have confirmed that this is the perfect streamlined experience to really improve productivity in comparison to having to click a button. The latter would mean, that the user would additionally have to set timing manually somewhere else. With the double click we already have those critical information (e.g. mouseX). Does that make sense?

Got it we will review this internally. Thanks for providing more info

are there any news on this?

If you can make the thing you’re double-clicking on any kind of control, then UXP should allow you to use editDocument.