Animated SVG not animating

I need to show a spinner in my uxp plugin while doing some length processes. I have an svg spinner which animates just fine on a browser but the animation is not shown when using it in the plug-in.
I tried doing this using css (background) or img with the same result - the image is shown but it doesn’t animate.
Is that impossible or am I missing some uxp specific magic to make this work?

CSS is not fully supported in UXP and the documentation linked above is out of date.
I’ll bet animation classes are not supported yet based on your experience.
Use a .gif instead?

You can use sp-progress-circle (spectrum web component) with the indeterminate tag as a spinner.
See: Progress Circle: Spectrum Web Components

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I’m afraid but I would think sp-progress-circle isn’t listed on supported SWC.

Hi @shuji

Thanks for the clarification.
I assumed that all web components are already supported by uxp.

Thank you. After reading the discussion I assume the only option here is to use a gif.
Is that correct?