Anyone using Firebase real time DB in their plugin?

Been working on making updates to my Task List plugin. Was able to get firebase auth to work out nicely but cannot get any of the read/write to the real time DB to work. Anyone have success with this?

What I did to red/write to a firestore database was to create an API as a Firestore function and then talk to the API from the UXP PLugin using the Javascript fetcth()

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I’m not familiar enough with Firebase to, from the top of my head, say if this is related to the real-time DB, but @ashikka has recently worked on a Photoshop UXP plugin integrating Firebase that currently lives in this PR: feat: Firebase Integration Sample by ashikka · Pull Request #45 · AdobeDocs/uxp-photoshop-plugin-samples · GitHub.

Maybe this helps (while it’s a Photoshop sample, I don’t think it contains any host-specific APIs => you should be able to use the same techniques in XD, as well)… :thinking:

Yeah this is the approach I ended up taking after posting this. Still would have liked to have access to the firebase realtime db functions, specifically onValue();. Thanks though!

Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing. Taking a look :eyes: