- works with result from getEntry(), fails on result from filtered getEntries()

In the code example below, testFile successfully opens (although an error “cannot coerce result into action descriptor” is caught), but foundFile does not.
Why not? And if this is the case how am I supposed to get a valid reference to a file when I need to filter? Am I supposed to go:

  • getEntries()
  • filter getEntries result
  • getEntry() with the result from getEntries
const jpegs = await jpegQualityFolder.getEntries();
const foundFile = await jpegs.filter(entry => !== -1);

const testFile = await jpegQualityFolder.getEntry("<FILENAME.jpg>")


const openDocument = async (file) => {
      try {
        await core.executeAsModal(() =>;
      } catch (error) {

I’m going to go out on limb and say this was related to my other issue as detailed here: