Application Before Quit

for a UXP plug-in I would like to show an alert when a user has an image open and then quits Photoshop so the image can be checked-in first.
Is there a way to add a notification listener for the quit event?
I’ve used the app.eventNotifier = (event, descriptor) in debug mode to see if there’s something I can register for, but the only I thing I got is this:
{ “commandID”: 36, “kcanDispatchWhileModal”: true, “_isCommand”: false }

With CEP there was a applicationBeforeQuit event, which partially worked, is there something similar in UXP?

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AFAIK, there’s no such option. Also, I believe currently all events are triggered only after the actual event has happened, which is a huge lack of the before{Event} feature. It was mentioned already and there are plenty of use cases, but it never got any attention.

In your case you might listen to the document close event. Not sure, but it might be triggered if Ps is being closed with some documents still open :man_shrugging:

Thank you Karmalakas, for your answer! I’ve already liked your post from the link, there should be before-events in addition to the existing events.