Are event listener to track all art boards are added or not yet?


I’m building an Adobe Xd Plugin but I need to listeners to all changes made it on all artboards. Are available or not yet?

Thank you in advance :heart:

Not yet, unfortunately. At this point in time, it is only possible to run plugin code “upon” the user running the plugin… This is, however, something Adobe is – to my knowledge – currently working on (to some extend).


I don’t think it’s any secret that plugin panels are coming soon, and those can listen to all changes.


I’ve signed a NDA (and feel no need to get to know Adobe’s lawyers :laughing: ), so :thinking: :wink:

Yes, I take it back, @iliashad. I know nothing about the future. :wink:

However, you might take a gander at Panel Plugin Documentation + Examples


@cpryland :+1::sweat_smile::laughing:

As an Adobe employee, I’ll confirm that Panels allow the plugin to listen to changes to the document. :slight_smile: It’s not granular – you’ll have to do the work to figure out what changed, but it’s possible (while your plugin is visible).

As for the NDA stuff – we’re not being terribly secret about this (see the docs on a public branch) – just that we’re leveraging an existing prerelease group that has an NDA on it (so no sharing of builds, for example). But y’all can talk about what’s available on github or twitter or Medium all you want. :slight_smile: