XD Plugin Prerelease - Panel, UXP3, and more - feedback needed

For those of you who don’t know already, we’ve recently rolled out a new version of XD plugin prerelease. With this new build, you will be able to build panel plugins. Unlike the current version of modal plugins, panel plugins are persistent and can dynamically change its UI content based on user’s selection. These panel plugins will be docked at the left hand side of the app where asset panel is located. Also, this new build has new changes in UXP3 which get us closer to regular web standards.

This new build will be publicly available in a couple of months. However, if you would like to get a head start and start building a panel plugin, you can download the build in our XD Plugin Devs Prerelease Forum. If you don’t have access, email us at xdplugindevs1@adobe.com. Once approved, you’ll need to sign an NDA, upon which you’ll get access.

We want to make this build as awesome as possible when it rolls out in a couple of months. Until then, as you play around with this prerelease build, please provide us as much feedback as possible. your feedback is very very important to us and we will try to accommodate your need as much as possible.

Thank you and happy coding!