Batch Export API

I might have missed this in the documentation.

Can I call in the API layers that have been set for Batch Export?

Not sure I follow here? @peterflynn Any thoughts?

You can call createRenditions() with any nodes you want. So you can simply traverse the entire scenegraph tree to collect a list of all nodes where markedForExport is true, then request renditions of all those nodes.

There are lots of other ways a plugin might select which nodes needs renditions of (all artboards, for example; or all of the currently selected nodes), so createRenditions() is a very generic API that doesn’t make any assumptions about this.

@peterflynn Thank you sir. And thank you @kerrishotts for helping.

Here is my Plugin idea - XD to Web app - Layers that have been “Marked for Export” will export to the Web app when clicking on a link.

That kind of use should definitely be possible. :slight_smile:

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