Batch processing

I need help. I’m trying to create a batch processing where the function gives me the option to choose the folder, then it opens each photo one by one, applies a specific effect, and saves them in a subfolder.

My problem is: when the images are opened and the effect is applied, they are not being saved in the subfolder.
Could someone please give me some guidance?

async function openImagesOneByOne(folderPath) {
const folder = await fs.getFolder(folderPath);
const files = await folder.getEntries();

// Criar a pasta "Fotos Tratadas"
const treatedFolder = await folder.createFolder("Fotos Tratadas");

for (const file of files) {
  if (file.isFile &&\.(jpeg|jpg|gif|png|nef)$/i)) {
    try {
      let token = fs.createSessionToken(file);
      await app.batchPlay([
        {"_obj": "open", "documentID": 115, "null": {"_kind": "local", "_path": token}, "template": false}
      ], {synchronousExecution: false});
      await app.batchPlay([
        // Aplicar o efeito "Nitidez Suave" na imagem
      ], {});
      // Salvar a imagem na pasta "Fotos Tratadas"
      const treatedFile = await treatedFolder.createFile(, {overwrite: true});
      const treatedToken = fs.createSessionToken(treatedFile);
      await app.batchPlay([
        {"_obj": "save", "as": {"_obj": "fileReference", "_path": treatedToken}, "in": {"_path": treatedToken}, "documentID":, "saveStage": 1, "copy": true}
      ], {synchronousExecution: false});

      // Fechar a imagem atual
      await app.activeDocument.close();
    } catch (err) {
      alert(`Erro ao processar a imagem ${}: ${err.message}`);