[BUG] Cannot inspect a button on Dev Tools

I’ve reported this directly to @pklaschka half a year ago by email, but I’ll just post it here as a reminder :slight_smile:

Ps 23.3.2
Win 10

Dev Tools inspector won’t allow to select an sp-action-button to inspect it. You always have to click somewhere close to it and then find in DOM, because clicking on a button itself, only disables the selection mode and otherwise does absolutely nothing

Here’s the recording:

I cannot replicate this on macOS. May be specific to Windows.

FYI: @Sujai / @pkrishna

Looks like, while checking another issue, I think I found the reason for this one

I’ll accept this post as a solution, because adding pointer-events: none to the ::after pseudo element actually helped. Will file another issue though with a separate topic an pseudo elements