[Bug?] Channel.duplicate() returns void

I’ve found a discrepancy in the way Layers vs Channels collections work.

const ps = require('photoshop'); 
const doc = ps.app.activeDocument; 
const executeAsModal = ps.core.executeAsModal;

let channelDup = await doc.channels[0].duplicate();
console.log(channelDup) // undefined?!
channelDup.name = "DUP" // fails

let layerDup = await doc.layers[0].duplicate();
console.log(layerDup) // Layer
layerDup.name = "DUP" // OK

In the documentation, Layer.duplicate() returns Promise <[Layer]>, while Channel.duplicate() returns Promise <[Void]>. Although it actually works as documented, I believe the latter should return Promise <[Channel]> instead—so that we can store a Channel reference in a variable for later use, or chain methods.
Should I log a bug? Thanks!



I do agree. This is must have.

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Thank you for sharing. @DavideBarranca This sounds like a bug, and I will bring this to the Photoshop team’s attention.