(Bug Report) Documentation error for "guides" class

Been trying to use the guides class to create guides on the fly in code and it kept crashing. Did some experimenting; see my comments in the code below:

async function createDocumentForPOD(executionContext, descriptor) {
    const app = require("photoshop").app;
	//app.activeDocument.guides.removeAll(); //This works
	var trimWin = 6.00;
	var trimHin = 9.00;
	var trimDpi = 300;
	var trimWpx = trimDpi * trimWin;
	var trimHpx = trimDpi * trimHin;
	let newDoc = await app.documents.add({
	   width: trimWpx, 
	   height: trimHpx, 
	   resolution: trimDpi

	newDoc.guides.add('horizontal', 75); 	//This works
	newDoc.guides.add('vertical', 75);		//This works
	newDoc.guides.add(Constants.Direction.HORIZONTAL, 75);				//This fails and crashes
	app.activeDocument.guides.add(Constants.Direction.HORIZONTAL, 75);	//This fails and crashes
	return newDoc;

Here’s a cut and paste from the documentation explaining how to add new guides:

app.activeDocument.guides.add(Constants.Direction.HORIZONTAL, 20);

Have you imported Constants first?

const Constants = require('photoshop').constants; 
/* ... */
newDoc.guides.add(Constants.Direction.HORIZONTAL, 75);

It’s a good habit to look into the console output. Usually it at least hints what might be wrong.