[BUG] sp-textfield type=number has major problems [(Photoshop (beta) and Windows-only]

<sp-textfield size="m" quiet type="number" id="myTextfield"</sp-textfield>
  1. No more than one number can be typed in to the field. Typing a second number crashes Photoshop.
  2. Backspacing while this field is focused crashes Photoshop.
  3. The field’s value cannot be set programmatically, i.e.
document.getElementById("myTextfield").value = 10;
  1. Programmatically entering a string value crashes Photoshop.

Changing type="number" to type="text" seems to work, but, of course, you lose the ability force number-only entries.

The first two items can be tested with the Kitchen Sink plugin.

I should also note this is happening in Photoshop (beta) and not in Photoshop 2021. So, supposedly, when Ps 2022 is released in about a month, any UXP plugin with a type = number sp-textfield input element could crash Photoshop.

Also looking like Windows only. Can’t replicate this on Mac M1 or MacBook Air Catalina.