Bug - UXP sp-textfield - "change" event listener doesn't work in latest Photoshop beta release

In the latest Photoshop beta release. the “change” event listener no longer runs when the text is changed. This is in addition to the other sp-textfield bugs that I posted about the last couple of days.

Here’s a “buggyfill” that will get change back until the issue is properly fixed. You can drop it in your index.html or index.js anywhere, and it should take care of the issue. It’s only looking for UXP 5.5.1 (this bug is fixed in 5.5.2).

(function () {
  if(require("uxp").versions.uxp.startsWith("uxp-5.5.1")) {
    function fixChange() {
      let curField, curValue;
      document.addEventListener("focus", evt => {
        curField = evt.target;
        curValue = curField.value;
      }, true);
      document.addEventListener("blur", evt => {
        if (evt.target.tagName === "SP-TEXTFIELD") {
          if (curField === evt.target) {
            if (curValue !== evt.target.value) {
              const changeEvent = new Event("change", {
                bubbles: true
      }, true);

Thanks for the update. Just to clarify, 5.5.2 is what will ship at Max, is that correct?