Calling subcommands, terminal commands, shell commands?

in Adobe Photoshop, one would use app.system(“shell command”) to run a shell command. However, im not sure how to do that in Adobe XD Plugin JavaScript. i tried looking in the documentations but didnt find anything. Im either trying to run commands inline such as in app.system(“shell command”) or execute a shell script file. example: app.runScript(“”);

just bumping this up. would anyone know if you could call Shell commands from adobe XD plugin javascript?

You cannot run shell scripts from within a UXP plugin; this is by design.

If you need access to system functionality, the suggested direction is to have a helper app, and the plugin can communicate with it over web sockets.

If you’re just looking for launching an app or opening a document – that’s a different story, and an API for that is coming soon, but it won’t be akin to launching shell scripts and more targeted to opening, say, powerpoint files that a plugin might want to export.

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oh wow, i see, its kind of a bummer i guess. One big thing we need is the ability to upload a folder to our Google Cloud Storage and to upload to Microsoft SharePoint. We have shell commands such as gsutil that would do that for us. Also, we need the ability to zip files and such without relying heavlily on other plugins. not sure if the future API would allow something like that but there is a huge wealth of terminal commands that could help benefit our plugins. but i guess that could be a serious security issue, still, Adobe Photoshop does have the ability to call shell commands… please for the love of goodness sake, do not take that feature out in Photoshop if its within your power… We have a bunch of scripts that automate so many things that it would kill our productivity. :slightly_smiling_face: But either way, thank you so much for your response, it cleared up the information i needed


I sure hope this API allows launching helper apps, as has been promised in the past…

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