Camera Raw: Adjusting Values

I want to change values such as Tint, Shadows, Saturation, etc… in Photoshop’s Camera Raw.

I used the Action’s “copy as javascript” function to change the Exposure in Camera Raw and got the following:

async function actionCommands() {
    let command;
    let result;
    let psAction = require("photoshop").action;

    // Camera Raw Filter
    command = {"$CrVe":"15.2","$Ex12":2.5,"$PrVN":5,"$PrVe":184549376};
    result = await psAction.batchPlay([command], {});

async function runModalFunction() {
    await require("photoshop").core.executeAsModal(actionCommands, {"commandName": "Action Commands"});

await runModalFunction();

However, the command object it shows seems very un-intuitive and different from normal UXP commands (for example, adjustment layer Contrast makes sense).

Is there an easier way to adjust the values in Camera Raw?

I saw similar values in Alchemist and used them and they worked.

Values with $ are charIDs… not stringIDs. Camera Raw is a plugin and as far I know plugins typically use CharIDs instead of StringIDs and cannot be converted to StringIDs.

If you want to find specific value you can use different mode in Alchemist. Simply record the same event twice but change the value that you want to find. Alchemist will compare two descriptors and highlight the difference.

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