Can I use Grab/Grabbing Cursor?

Hi there,

I’m building a panel plugin with a drag & drop interface, and I’d like to use cursor: grab; when the user hovers over an image to give him the information that he can drag and drop it (as well as the cursor: grabbing; when the image is being dragged).

Is this possible? Seems like it doesn’t work on my side.


It may not be supported yet. (@kerrishotts?)

On the other hand, some values for cursor are supported. I’ve used cursor: crosshair; successfully.

grab and grabbing both work on Mac for me.

Here’s a quick and dirty repo to help you check for support:

Here’s that repo packaged. Once downloaded, just double-click to install:
cursors.xdx (2.5 KB)

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I can add this repo to our official samples repo if anyone finds this useful. Lmk!

@kerrishotts in terms of documentation, is this something the UXP team would need to do?

Thanks, @ashryan, here are the supported cursors on Windows, version of XD:

  • Help
  • Pointer
  • Wait
  • Crosshair
  • Text
  • Not-allowed
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No grab nor grabbing?

Unfortunately, not. I’ll have to update my plugin once this is solved.

Thanks for reporting back @Rehan332! Sounds like we’re not consistent across platforms on cursor support yet. I’ll report back to the team.

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Hi there,

I just discovered that cursor: pointer; don’t work on macOS (Mojave version 10.4.6).

It shows up on Windows 10 though.


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Thanks for sharing @Rehan332. I’ll share with the team.

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