Can requiredPermissions Grant Access to All Websites?

Hi Adobe Community,

I’m developing a Photoshop panel using UXP and I need my plugin to download images from any URL. Currently, I am required to specify each domain in the “requiredPermissions” section of the “manifest.json” file like this:

"requiredPermissions": {
  "network": {
    "domains": [

This approach is very limiting, as users often need to download images from a wide variety of sources. Manually listing all potential domains is not practical and can result in a poor user experience.

My Question:
Is there a way to configure the requiredPermissions in the manifest.json to grant access to all websites without specifying each domain individually?

If this is not currently possible, are there any best practices or alternative solutions to handle this requirement?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi YesserKira,

In you case,
“domains”: “all”
would work.

OMG, it’s as simple as that! I was attempting to create a proxy to access links, it was quite exhausting! :sweat_smile: