CANCELED: Adobe Max Lisbon XD

Dear All,
I am from Portugal and I have the luck that Adobe Max Europe is going to be in Lisbon this year.
Wonder if anyone in the XD community is going to attend and maybe we can find time to a meetup and or network. Also wonder if anyone from Adobe XD will be presenting anything and also wonder if there is any meeting for the developers or de dev community.


Hi Ignaio, we are looking forward to meet you at Max in Lisbon! There will definitely a few Adobe people be around - also from this community :wink: For developers and partner we are planning a partner day the weekend before Max. To keep informed you can sign up here:


Me and the team will signup. Cant wait for this day. I have. sent you PM with some details. I am from Portugal, so if anyone needs help please let e know. PS: Lisbon as a traffic problem like most big cities having subway or metro to ORIENTE station is a good thing to have in mind.


Reeeeally hoping I can talk my boss into getting me a ticket, but it’s a tough sell with a 300€ price tag (since I work for a charity). We do get a little budget for things like this tho, so fingers crossed.

I’d definitely be interested in a meetup if I can make it.

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Wonder if the event is going to be canceled due to the fact that the MAGENTO (now from Adobe) was canceled. I need to purchase Hotel, etc and wonder what the current status is. Any update?

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I would be interested in this as well, but I assume that’s not clear yet (and will remain that way until relatively short before), considering we basically have no idea how things will progress… Let’s hope for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone me again, the BTL which is the biggest tourism event was delayed today. Wonder if there is any news on my request/query. Thanks you.

What I fear happened. Now that I cloud finally go to MAX it is canceled. :confused:

In the CC Developer newsletter we sent out last week, we noted that our annual Partner Day is going virtual. (If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, be sure to do so here:

We’ll have details soon, but our aim is going to be to open up the virtual event to developers outside of Europe as well. We’re sad that we won’t get to meet you in Lisbon this year, but I hope we’ll see some of you online!

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