Can't get Export LUT batchPlay code

I’m trying to get the code to export a LUT in PS but seems that Photoshop runs a Script when Exporting Color Look Ups (LUT’s). With alchemst I get the Scripts that is being runned but not the “exportLUT” batchPlay action.

I was thinking to reverse engineer the ActionDescriptor code and do some tests to see if I can migrate to batchPlay, but that is my plan A, is there another option for this?

This is the code I get in alchemist:

   "_obj": "AdobeScriptAutomation Scripts",
   "javaScriptName": "Color Lookup Tables...",
   "javaScriptMessage": "undefined",
   "_isCommand": true

I already analized the script file under the path:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2023\Presets\Scripts\ExportColorLookupTables.jsx

Seems it runs an Action Descriptor code, but first opens a UI which I could override and hard code that data but it goes through some processes of duplicating the document and cerating a 3D grid. Is this possible to do or get the batchPlay code some how?

I looked and the documentation and there’s no DOM action to export LUT’s so my only option for now is to reverse engineer the Action Descriptor code and see what I can do by migrating it to batchPLay.

Any thoughts?


Is the menu command ID for this menu item positive or negative number?

Sorry for the late answer, I was traveling.

Seems it is negative:

   "_obj": "invokeCommand",
   "commandID": -591,
   "kcanDispatchWhileModal": true,
   "_isCommand": false

What does positive or negative means?

My understanding is that the negative ones should not be used as they can easily change in future photoshop versions.

Edit (found reference):

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Thanks for clarifying Jason!

Interesting. Where did you see that? How can I see that plugin?