Changes on XMP Metadata on Layers are not tracked in History

Well… I was looking to use XMP metadata at Layer to store some persistent data I need to keep track of, and ran into an interesting, find / issue / bug?
It seems that changes to the XMP at layer level are not correctly tracked for history.

Repro (all via batchplay):

  • Change the XMP for a layer
  • XMP is changed (read back via BP) and change shows up in history → nice :slight_smile:
  • Now… Undo or generally go to a previous point in history (via UI)
  • Get the XMP for the layer… the change is not reverted → uh oh :frowning:

Haven’t tried on Mac, but on PC this is 100% failing for PS 25.5.1. It is also only happening on Layer level, document XMP is correctly updated on changes to history

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I’ve made a quite elaborate script that proves my hypothesis that XMP data on document level is correctly history tracked - but for Layer-level it is buggy (i.e. History is changed, but changes do not get undone with history). I’ve added it as an attachment rather than inline because of the size.

layerxmpissue.js (5.8 KB)


Thanks, @dspice. @indranil from the UXP team passed this along to the Photoshop team to check.

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