Changing `selection.items` without "not permitted to make changes from the background" error

Assigning to selection.items from a panel raises the following error:

“Plugin Error: not permitted to make changes from the background. Return a Promise to continue execution asynchronously.”

Here’s the code:

function selectFirstArtboard(e) {
  const firstArtboard =
  console.log("Trying to select the first artboard: " +
  scenegraph.selection.items = [firstArtboard]

Here’s the reduced test-case repo.

How should this code be written so that we’re able to change the selection when the user interacts with the panel?


cc: @stevekwak

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Since panel is persistent while user interacts with scenegraph, you need to let XD know that your plugin is about to make changes. Wrap your code around with:

const { editDocument } = require("application");
editDocument({editLabel: "blah", function(){
      // scenegraph editing code

Thanks @stevekwak. This solves the issue.