Clear rotation without actually rotate the object

I’m trying to get rid of the global draw bound, especially to return to 0 degrees without actually rotating back the element. Is this possible? Cannot find this in the docs.

All those bounds are derivative and not specificative (word?), so you’ll likely have to move/rotate it to where you want.

@cpryland: thanks for the answer, but we there is a good use case for the rotation to be cleared to 0 without actually rotating that shape. Otherwise it is sometimes very hard to obtain that exact rotation as with the rotation command. Not all objects need to be rotated from their center, so making a group with a box inside alows to achive the rotation around boxes’ center, for example in this case it’s impossible to manually position the tip of the triangle exactly to the border, like xd would do:

PS: So a clear / apply rotation (i don’t know which is the correct term) is very necessary in some cases.

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In CSS this is called the transform-origin.

I don’t think there is a way to change this with the API. I’ve changed your post into a feature request for applying a rotation.

This is an issue I’ve encountered for some plugins I’ve been working on and applying the rotation would solve some really tough problems.

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@Velara I’m glad you did. It would be so easy to do a lot or transforming of there was a clear/apply indeed :slight_smile: