Close / hide the panel in uxp

hi everyone, is there a function that closes / hides the panel in UXP?
in cep I used this function: CSInterface.closeExtension ()

Not at the moment.

We’re evaluating how much programmatic control plugins should have over the workspace given that it’s possible to interrupt the user’s workflow in painful ways. We’re not ruling anything out – but want to figure out the right path forward.

In such a case plugin would get poor ratings and comments so people just would not use it anymore.

And add it as permission into permission settings if you need to.

thanks to you @kerrishotts and @Jarda for your reply,surely there are many ways to disable the panel.
I found this function very useful when checking serial numbers, when the serial was not verified I would close the panel.This is not an issue.i can find other solutions easily. I was wondering if it was still there as it was previously