Color Wheel in uxp, Error <canvas></canvas>?

I have a code .js all that creates a color wheel using the createRadialGradient property of a "canvas "but I get the error uxp plugin does not recognize the target.getContext(“2d”) returns null.
the question is:
1- Isn’t there a control that allows you to create a wheel of colors? for uxp photoshop

2- why the property tag: “canvas” doesn’t work?

can you help me with this please.


I hope this will explain some things:

What is the status of this request? We are in January. Does anyone have any preview of the promised changes to be able to integrate Webgl 2D apis. For 3D

Nothing of the sort is in the Prerelease version nor in the public Beta AFAIK.
I’ve no official info, but I would be (pleasantly) surprised if it lands in Q1/23.

Gracias! keep waitng…