ColorList – Get names for your color assets

This week was quite exciting with the release of the stack feature and the scroll area :heart_eyes:

While these flashy features are really great, I was very pleased with the Design Tokens addition to the Preview Pages. This is a nice improvement for handoff, and my fellow developpers will appreciate it.

While I was presenting the new features to my small team on wednesday, one of my colleague suggested that it would be great to have color names automatically assigned as you add color to your project assets.

We found an algorithm released under CC BY 2.5 and I took the afternoon to develop a little plugin doing just that :blush:

It’s called ColorList and has only one action that adds fill colors from selected objects as Named color assets in one click.

A short video demo of ColorList

After a few tests and fixes for error management, I am glad to have been able to submit the plugin for review tonight. I’ve had no opportunity yet to give a go at the new submitting pages in the developer console so it took me a while.

But what probably took the most time was to design the assets to communicate about the plugin. For this, I asked Alexandre, the other designer in my small team, to work on an icon as I was working out some small bugs. He came up with this cool icon idea:

And this other one we did not keep :sweat_smile:

Then, from there we worked on the other images for the marketplace listing…

Overall we were excited to be able to go from idea to submitting the plugin in a very short amount of time! I thought I’d share the story here and follow with the submission process, and launch, even if this is quite niche and it won’t probably find a broad audience :man_shrugging:

Anyway, from now, my developer colleague & friend will be happy not to have to come up with color names for their CSS Variables as I hand off some designs to him :nerd_face:

Happy coding everyone!


Wow, that was fast! :zap:
ColorList has just passed submission, and is now listed in the plugin pages.

Give it a try!

Credits go to Chirag Mehta for the “Name that color” algorithm.

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