Communicate from XD to a local web page in the browser

Since it looks like webview is not an option or postponed is there a way to talk to a web page from UXP?

Let’s say you have a plugin that exports reports into a web page and you want to update the web page when the user makes changes in XD. Is there a way to communicate to the browser page and push or poll for changes?

I see that there are web sockets but I think that requires a remote server. I’m interested in communicating from XD to the local browser or from the local browser to XD.

Basically, I have a web page locally and I want to poll for changes the user makes and show them the updates.

websocket is the only way I can think of

We’re thinking about adding a socket server component (like Node’s) so that you could set up a robust communication channel with websockets on the other side. It’s not scheduled yet, but feel free to create a feature request for it if this sounds like something you’d like to see.

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Yes, please. Can you elaborate a bit further on how this might work, though?