Community Feedback: Your Experience With the UXP Platform

We want your feedback to help shape the future of the Unified Extensibility Platform. Please let us know how we’re doing by choosing a number below, after which you’ll have the opportunity to share more about your experience building UXP Plugins or Scripts. We read every response, and any and all feedback is appreciated!

How likely are you to recommend the Unified Extensibility Platform (UXP) to other developers?

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Community Feedback: Your Experience With the UXP

hi, first of all great work so far!
I keep recommending UXP to other devs but noticed there’s a steep curve for people learning how to deal with file system.

docs seem to be lacking clarity in examples which leads to repeated questions on how to deal with the system overall.

updated samples might help.

also would be great if we get support for export since save produces too big of a file for the web and export can’t be reproduces/recorded to be used in BatchPlay so we’re stuck with legacy export that does not support things like scaling and other helpful features.

exportmanager is used by Adobe under the hood but is not documented.

also notices people suffering bad performance using DOM functions especially on windows