Could not find an entry of file error when create entry from path

My plugin need to read configuration from file and add some image layers with full path come from the configuration file. Now I’m trying to add new layer from file path but no luck. I search around and implement some code from this forum but the code always throw error :Could not find an entry of …
when I try to create entry from file path. Please see image below for more details.

I’m familiar with this error.
returning three slashes like “file:///”
I saw it in a past topic below.

could you check or show your manifest here please?

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const lfs = require('uxp').storage.localFileSystem
let filePath = "file:/Users/ABC/Documents/ABC/temp.txt";
let entrypath = await lfs.getEntryWithUrl(filePath);

This works for me in PS 25.0. Can you try once

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Thanks for your support. I finally found the problem, the manifest file version element is wrong. I changed from 4 to 5 then it work with out adding prefix file: to the path.