createRenditions async needed

I am working on a live preview plugin.
I need to export canvas continuity, which I keep create renditions all the time running
But I found that when create renditions, It stop the ui editing status.
then I can’t input text or use the pen tool now.

So I want a feature that create renditions can be asynchronous, without stop the UI thread or something

Please help!

I believe that’s on purpose because the document cannot change while renditions are being created. @kerrishotts might be able to provide a little more detail here.

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To the best of my knowledge, this is the case; if you’re exporting the entire canvas, it shouldn’t change while the export is happening – otherwise you’d end up with inconsistent exports.

@xiaoqiang Can you go into more detail about this particular use case and exactly what you need to achieve?

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I am creating a “live preview your design” plugin for XD, as show below

In order to make it “live”, I keep exporting current canvas to an image and send it to my app.
everything works fine, except
when I want to edit a text, I can get the text item focus to being edited. (you can see in the gif, every time I double click the text object, it lose it’s focus)