Cursor position

Is there a way to get the cursor coordinates?
I would like to sample pixels values at different places on the document.
The colorSamplers needs those to work.
This would be of great help and appreciated

That’s been a long time feature request of mine, but it seemed like the cursor position (found in the Info palette) is not surfaced to the scripting layer.

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@DavideBarranca I hope it helps but you already know that

OK! I found a solution using the colorSamplers and the listener for “Make colorSampler”.
You can extract color & coordinates from the colorSampler.

So, here it is:

const cs = app.activeDocument.colorSamplers[0];  // 0 for first colorSamplers, 1 for second colorSamplers
const { color, position } = cs; // destructuring assignment

// Coordinates used to write the color at the spot
positionX = Number(position.x)/w*100; 
positionY = Number(position.y)/h*100; 

// Color info to be written on the document
myRed = Math.round(
myGreen = Math.round(
myBlue = Math.round(