Developing Tools using the AI functionality

Good day fellow developers!

In short, I would like to see if it is possible to use Photoshops new AI tool, or create a model, to make a plugin that assists artist in layer generation.

I work for a small start-up that makes personalised children’s products.
In my line of development work, I communicate with artists and try to assist them with creating their art that works with our personalisation systems.
This art then is used for personalised books, products and boardgames. Where the main character is customised by the customer.
This leaves the artist with having to draw tens to hundreds of layers to give enough options which do not overlap or distort other layers. Then repeat for multiple .psd’s

You can imagine the redundancy and the errors of oversight. Along with the countless hours spent making and fixing these layers.
To speed up the creation process. One .psd is then reused to make the other parts of the product. Altering it slightly to make it different.

Leaving it with a stale, uninspired feeling of the art.
The sense of lazy copy pasting.

Although I am against the usage of AI to create the art, replacing the artist. I am interested in making something that assists the artist with creating the art.
Something to do the brunt work of copying layers, so the focus can be in making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Is it possible to take the existing technology of Photoshops AI tool make a plug in for that feature?

Thanks in advance!