Display wrong content when save psd by batchPlay command

Hi everyone,

I get a trouble when execute multiple batchPlay, with following simple code, I expect that
file psd is an output of process.

Photoshop.app.batchPlay(commands, executeOptions);
const sourceFileToken = a.jpg;
const fileToken = a.psd;
commands = 
        _obj: "save",
        as: {
          _obj: "photoshop35Format",
        in: {
          _path: fileToken,
          _kind: "local"
        // documentID: sourceDocumentId,
        copy: true,
        lowerCase: true,
        _options: {
          dialogOptions: "dontDisplay"

=> The command meaning try to save file opened in photoshop to psd.
The result of command is a.psd

But when run multiple batchPlay for b.jpg, c.jpg, d.jpg
The result of file d.jpg somehow is equal to c.jpg (same content, difference name)

Please let notify to me when someone get same error! have a nice day!

please share full code so we may help you better.
also you can try: